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Yadira is a Cuban musician with a Classical Guitar and Ensemble Performer Degree from the National School of Music. During her time at University, she was able to achieve the knowledge and experience to begin her teaching career.

She has worked in different ensembles as a classic guitarist including, ‘Entre Cuerdas Quintet’ and the guitar orchestra, ‘Lira Bayamesa’. She has also played baroque guitar in the Ancient Music Ensemble ‘Exsulten’.

Yadira has also had experience in composing and recoding soundtracks for television.

She is trained to teach our students through our exam boards, Trinity College London and London College of Music.

We welcome her to the school as our Guitar and Piano teacher.

Opening Timings

Sunday - Thursday

10:00 - 12:30

14:30 - 20:00


11:30 - 20:30

Friday : School is closed


18th November Street, Villa 464 (Next to Sultan Center)  
Mob: 9545-4888

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