Playtunes Music School Oman Group Classes
Group Classes, Workshops

Group lessons to support supplementary subjects like Theory and Aural, arranged by grade and group age. Ensemble performance like band and choir. Also featuring group workshops for the instrument players.

Keyboard Group Classes

Keyboard Group Classes are intended for those students focusing on Trinity Keyboard Program. The course is tailored to provide the necessary tools to successfully complete the Exam. This course is for those looking for a different approach than that of the private class, and for those who enjoy working as a team and developing cooperative abilities 

Aural Group Class

Aural training is a very important part in the preparation of any musician. This course aims for the preparation of those going to the Trinity Exam in order to provide them the tool to achieve better results. However, this group class is an attempt to extend our students musicianship for their future professional lives. 

Music students and parents often see music theory as a chore and don’t understand its importance. Music theory will not only help you to understand how music works or how to write and read music notes accurately, it will also improve your performing and active listening abilities. It's an amazing tool that will nurture your critical reasoning skills.

Singing in a choir can be an amazing way of expressing yourself. You don't have to be a singer or know anything about music. You just need to love singing. Join our vocal teachers on this amazing project!

We encourage children to perform and better yet in a group. We provide free orchestral and band group practices for our students, to give them the opportunity to perform live. It is indeed a great way to build a sense of community, but above all, it has a tremendous benefit on intellectual, emotional and spiritual development.

Team work and cooperative skills that are needed in business and corporations, schools or other group organizations, are established naturally through drum circles. By participating in a drum circle, the community rhythms that are produced do not rely on only one other member, and each contributor has their own sound to add, creating a musical picture go the power go collaboration that can translate well into business environments

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