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Exams Fees

Payment Method:

Payment must be done during the Registration Process, through the Institutes or directly in the Main Office for private Entries. Only cash payment is accepted.

Late entries:In order to make a late entry you must contact first our Main Office at in order to get an approval. Please note that entries will not be accepted if received less than 14 days before the exam date.

Entries which are received following the application closing date will be subject to the following surcharges:

  •  for late entries received up to 21 days before the exam date: + 50% of the entry fee

  •  for late entries received between 20 and 14 days before the exam date: + 100% of the entry fee.

    Trinity makes no guarantee that acceptance of a late entry will result in the exam taking place. If a late entry is accepted but the candidate cannot obtain an exam slot, Trinity may, at its discretion, refund the entry fee, although the surcharge fee will be retained in all cases to cover costs of administration of that late entry. 

For more information please contact the school:


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