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Aural Training

This program is intended for those students already taking a Trinity Exam in any instrument. Aural is one of the supplementary tests within the Trinity Exam and represents 10% of the student final score, it represents a very important skill for any musician as is based in the ear training. During this course we aim to develop the necessary dexterity to successfully accomplish the Exam.
  • To prepare the student in the main goals set by the Trinity Grade s/he is going to take

  • To train the students in order to be able to identify, analyse, and sing intervals

  • To identify the tonal center of a song

  • To build basic major, minor, and dominant seventh chords

  • To be able to take music dictation of both rhythms and melodies

  • To be ablate recognized patterns and stylistic structures of a music piece.


Our Main Goals!

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Aural Training

Beginners - Grade 8

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